I snapped a few pictures of my hair yesterday before I walked to Lake Nokomis:

Curly haired me.. )

I think I got more 'hi's from random guys than usual when I was walking to the lake, but maybe I was just noticing them more. I didn't end up walking around the lake, because it was looking like it might rain and I'd gotten hungry. So I walked back home and made dinner. (It's about a 2 mile walk even if I don't go around the lake - it's about 4 1/2 miles if I walk to and around the lake.) The curls had fallen out a little bit once I got home, but the hairstyle was still looking nice. While my dinner was cooking, I decided to play dress-up and hauled a bunch of my formals down from the attic. :) The light was bad by that point, so there are no pictures. But, this is kind of fun, this morning before I took them back up to the attic I shot a picture of them all laid out on my bed.

A color palette.. )

After I finished eating dinner and playing dress-up yesterday, I did end up going out and getting drinks at Psycho Suzi's with [livejournal.com profile] sithlet. They have such delicious fruity drinks.


While I was on my way out to go to the bird sanctuary, I noticed this huge moth hanging out next to my house:

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And finally, here are a few pictures I took at the bird sanctuary:

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Tomorrow I'm going to the Renaissance Festival, so I should probably go get some sleep now.



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