Date: 2012-01-20 04:20 am (UTC)
I have a single, straight countertop that is just under 10 feet long, so I was able to pick up this prefab formica, and didn't have to special order anything. They have two other colors of prefab formica - they are both $104 for the 10 foot piece. I actually wanted the lightest color countertop of the three, as that would go best with what I want to do with the look of the kitchen. If I'd liked either of the other two colors better, I would have sprung for the additional $46. Is the horseshoe shaped counter round, or is it squared off corners? If the latter, you might be able to replace it with the prefab pieces - they have some pieces to do corners. If it's rounded, you'll probably have to special order, but formica isn't really that much.

My handyman, Rob, is awesome. He has done work for me, for my sister, and for my parents - most recently for my parents he built some bookshelves for them. However, he is in the process of getting his teaching license and just started student teaching this week. As such, he's only looking to work a weekend or two a month until April. After April, he'd probably take on bigger projects. Before he went back to school full time, he worked with an assistant named Vicki, who I would also recommend. I think she's branched out on her own now, but I would need to get her info from my sister. Let me know if you want either of their contact info.
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